Dennis (Denn C) - My graphic designer, talented!

2009-08-05 16:42:48 by Ethalyn

So i got myself a graphic designed, a real good one. To make pictures for all my "releases". He makes really good pictures, so contact him if you want some too! ;) He is also a producer, and has a page here on Newgrounds.

Newgrounds Page:

Other Sites:

Youtube Page!

Deviant Art Page!

Email: <>

So, all the pics in the future will be made by this guy ;)



PS: Here is a picture he made me for my next release called "My Tectonik", which i am working on getting released through a label (Mental Madness Records most likely).

Dennis (Denn C) - My graphic designer, talented!


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2009-08-05 16:47:38

Thanx so damn much man=D!


2009-08-09 09:29:50

dude thats a lot of fucking tallent in that art work dude Denn C you are sick! make me one if you can!