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Newgrounds: Free download page! :)

2009-11-14 05:47:20 by Ethalyn


I'm going to upload all my tracks here, and link them on all my other pages. This way all of my songs/upcoming songs will have a free download location.

Uploaded 2 already ;)


Newgrounds: Free download page! :)


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2009-11-14 07:49:39

Sweet! :)


2010-01-20 00:36:41

your newest song replay... awesome... trying to go pro or what? =P

Ethalyn responds:

Hah thx m8, actually i just signed a lasting contract as an official remixer at ARC Records. That, and i'm on a trial over at Mental Madness (i have 2 releases coming up there soon).

Thanks for the comment dude, i'm glad you liked the song!


2010-03-01 04:34:21

Sweet, love your music bro.

Hey, I've been fcuking arround with music, didn't really work out.
I've got lots of music programs shit, but dunno how to use it.

http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/liste n/301499

Check my track, can you do something with it ?


2010-04-06 20:58:52

are your releases going to be under the name beatsource? or some other alias?

Ethalyn responds:

I have a lot of aliases ;)

Beatsource - solo hands up project
David Branch - solo electro/house project
Karl van Kosmos - collab house project
Houze Bandits - collab electro/house project
Dee & Ey! - collab commercial project
SuperSoundZ! - collab hands up project



2012-01-19 22:42:46

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