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BeatSource - Manic!

2009-03-15 16:22:20 by Ethalyn

BeatSource - Manic

Heres a new song folks, tried some new styles ;)

Hope yall like it!

PS: Dj Roc A Lot - Resident Evil T Virus - Video Game Loop (Awesomesauce, an artist i recommend for you game creators out there! Or video ofcourse ;))))

Thank you for your time.

-[ BeatSource ]-

Heres a pic that has the word Manic in it!

<<<================= Wow say the scales here on NG arent being polite to my pic >:C I look like a fat midget XD

BeatSource - Manic!

Synthetica EP!!!

2009-02-25 05:04:53 by Ethalyn

Hey guys and girls, dropping by with some news on the EP i participated in ;)

Its now available as an NG preview (where you get to hear previews of ALL the songs it contains ;).)

NG Preview Link!!!


This is an EP made by some GREAT music artists from
NG that i was lucky to participate in ;). This is amazing
guys i really recommend some tracks on here!

Synthetica EP - Nal1200 saying some words about the cd ;)

Above is a link to listen to a preview of all the songs here on NG :)

Synthetica EP!!! Check it out ;)

Song Titles/Artists:
1. Miles Away - Mrmilkcarton
2. Crystalline - Solus Lotus
3. A Moonless Blue (Feat Lira Yin) - Nal1200
4. Paroxysm - Ruqal
5. Andas - EnV
6. Keys of a Piano - Smurfbeats
7. Dj Splatta - Happiness (BeatSource Remix)
8. Adrenaline - RenoakRythm
9. Say I Am You - Synthetic Music Apparatus
10. Morning Light (OM) - Kr1z
11. Destiny (Feat. Elaine Sharp) - Helix
12. Saying Goodbye - Jesse Valentine (F-777)
13. Audio Hallucination - Danred
14. Estrayed - Astrix
15. Unending Tribulation - Zenon
16. Iceferno - Redmoon Deejay

Entire Album (16 songs) = $9.99
Individual songs (1 song) = $0.99

Check it out if you have time! =).

Synthetica EP - Nal1200 saying some words about the cd ;)

Thank you for your time.

-[ BeatSource ]-

Nordic Stars - Tell Me Why (SuperSoundZ Inc! Radio Edit) - OUT NOW!!!

2009-01-22 03:21:20 by Ethalyn

Nordic Stars - Tell Me Why (SuperSoundZ Inc! Radio Edit) - Here it is ;)

So, new song is up! Check it out if you want to and have the time, and read the author comments there for more info on the song :)

Hope you like it!

PS: For my Norwegian friends, add me on Facebook :)


- Dj RocaLot - Check this guy out, he makes some awesome hiphop/video game songs ;)

- The Venice Beachriders - A great new project he started ;) I helped him a little bit so be sure to give it a listen :)

Thank you for your time.

-[ BeatSource ]-

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Nordic Stars - Tell Me Why (SuperSoundZ Inc! Radio Edit) - OUT NOW!!!

Hey all :)))

2008-11-28 19:05:11 by Ethalyn

New song ;)))

Yup, im BAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaa a a aa aa ack... anywhos, yeah. So i decided to give Newgrounds another go, i think i just needed a break...

I gave ALOT of other sites ago, and really its all the same, only Newgrounds gives you a more personal view over your friends and fans, which is a thing i like :)

But ofcourse there are the assholes, but all sites have em, and i basicly just decided to ignore them from now on, and about the messed up voting system, pffff, who gives a fuck, Newgrounds is a funny page with some funny, nice people...

So, yeah, ill be uploading some new tracks for those who are still interested :)

Here are the other sites i am on now ;)


Heres my Myspace

Heres my Youtube

Heres my Ilike

Heres my SectionZ

Heres my GroundZeroProjects

Heres my ReverbNation

Heres my SoundClick

Im also on some Scandinavian sites.

Her er Urort siden min

Her er LiveCity siden min

Heres a youtube vid embed of my new song ;)

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Enjoy ^_^

I cant wait to get back into this ^^